We provide Organic products which are exclusively grown using organic fertilizers. The organic products delivers all the nourishment of nutritional properties to body without causing and health hazards.

Herbal Juices

• Arugampul - Good for Diabetes, BP, Ulcer, Cholesterol, Menstural Problem, Bleeding Gum etc.,
• Vazhalthandu - (Banana Stem) - Food for Obesity, Heat Reducer, Kidney, GB Stone, Constipation
• Vallari - Good for Memory, Nerve Weakness etc.,
• Mudakatran - Good for Joint Pain, Arthritis, Gastritisetc.,
• Manathakali - Best for Mouth & Peptic Ulcer, Bad Breathing, Heat Reducer, Gastritis, Acidiity etc.,
• Neem - Best for Skin Disease, Fever, Diabetes, Constipation, Stomach Warm etc.,
• Bitter Gaurd - Best for Diabetes
• Majal Karisalai - Good for Low Density Cholesterol, Hair Fall, Jaundice, Liver Pain, Heat Reducer etc.,
• Murungai - Best for High BP, Rich in Iron. Good for Eye Sight etc.,
• Nelli - Vitamin C. Good for Heat Reducer, Diabetes etc.,
• Raddish - Good for Kidney Stone, GB Stone, Heat Reducer etc.,
• Thuthuvellai - Good for Sinusitis, Wheezing, Cold, Cough etc.,
• Thulasi - Good for Dry Cough, Fever, Asthma, Phelm in Chest etc.,
• Pumpkin - Good for Heat Reducer, Obesity etc.,
• Vendhayakeerai - Good for Heat Reducer, Diabetes etc.,
• Kasani - Good for Joint & Body Pain
• Ginger - Good for Sore Throat, Cough, Digestion, Gastritis etc.,
• Karuvepillai, Mint, Coriander Leave - Loss of Appetite Digestion, Gastritis, Diabetes, Hair Growth, Stomach Upset etc.,
• All Fruit and Vegetable Juices are also available

Herbal Soups

• Mushroom Soup - Rich in Protein, Good for Diabetes
• Vegetable Soup - Rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Fibres
• Keerai Soup - Rich in Vitamins. Good for Hair Growth, Eye Sight etc.,
• Tomato Soup - Heat Reducer, Loss of Appetite
• Sweet Corn Soup - Rich in Protein
• Sprouted Green Gram - Rich in Protein
• Vazhaithandu & Flower - Good for Constipation. Rich in Fibre
• Soya Milk - Rich in Protein. Good for Diabetes
• Fresh & Pure Fruit Juice - General Purpose
• Boiled Nuts & \Sprouted Grams - Protein

Herbal Powder

• Diabetes Special (Bitter) & (Without Bitter) - Good For Diabetes
• Sinus Special - Good for Wheezing, Sinus
• Asthma Special - Good for Asthma, Cold, Cough, Dry Cough etc.,
• Hair Tone Special - Hair Fall, Premature Grey Hair, Dandruff, Split End etc.,
• Constipation Special - Good for Constipation, Loss of Appetite etc.,
• Gastric Special - (Vayu Suranam) Good for Gastritis, Stomach Upset etc.,
• Ulcer Special - Mouth & Peptic Ulcer, Stomach Pain etc.,
• Obesity Special - Good for Obesity, Cholesterol
• Kidney Stone Special - Good for GB Stone & Kidney Stone, Liver Pain etc.,
• Jaundice Special - Good for Jaundice, Lever Pain etc.,
• Piles Special - Good For Bleeding Piles, Piles, Fissure, Fistula etc.,
• Dermetis Special - Good for Skin Disease, Soriyasuuus, Exerma etc.,
• Nerves Special - Good for Nerves Function
• Memory Special - Good for Children to improve the memory
• Cholesterol Special - Good for LDL & Cholesterol etc.,
• Adult Special - Increase the Sperm, Tone up the Sex Organs, Reduce Impotential etc.,
• Hibiscus - Heat Reducer, Good for White Discharge, Stomach Pain etc.,
• Avarampoo - Good for Cholesterol Blockage, Diabetes etc.,
• Cold, Fever, Throat Pain Special - Good for Viral Infection & Viral Disease etc.,
• Herbal Tea & Coffee Powder Good for Health, Strength the Lungs, Good for Chain Smokers etc.,

Herbal Oils

• Hibiscus Oil Hair Growth, Premature Graying etc.,
• Arugampul Good for Dermetis, Black Marks, Itches etc.,
• Nelli Hair Growth, Heat Reducer
• Joint Pain Oil Good for massage & Arthiritis, Spondylysis etc.,
• Tulasi Good for Cold, Cough, Fever, Sinus etc.,

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